Welcome to the National Critical Lawyers’ Group

“The point is not merely to interpret the world but to change it”

The central focus of the critical legal approach is to explore the manner in which legal doctrine, legal education and the practices of legal institutions work to buttress and support a pervasive system of oppressive non-egalitarian relations. Critical theory works to develop radical alternatives, and to explore and debate the role of law in the creation of social, economic and political relations that will advance human emancipation, In short, law generally acts to consolidate and maintain an extensive system of class, gender and racial oppression. Critical lawyers seek a theory and practice that makes the overcoming of such oppression a central political task.

The NCLG brings together academics, practitioners, students and politicians in an explosive forum which critiques the role of law in shaping society, economics and politics.

NCLG officers:
Honorary President – Michael Mansfield QC
Practitioner Chair – Courtenay Griffiths QC
Academic Chair – Ian Grigg-Spall

justice2NCLG Conference:
‘Truth and Justice’