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Human Rights conference

The Annual Human Rights Law Conference, organised jointly by JUSTICE and Sweet & Maxwell, has become the central forum for analysing changes under the Human Rights Act.
The Human Rights Law Conference 2008
Building on ten years of the Human Rights Act
10th Annual Conference
Tuesday 21 October 2008
Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HT
6 CPD hours accredited by SRA / Bar Standards Board Standard fee: £375 + VAT. Special discounted fee for JUSTICE members: £299 + VAT
‘The acclaimed annual event ensuring you are fully up to date with the latest developments in human rights law’
The annual JUSTICE/Sweet & Maxwell Human Rights Law Conference brings together the country’s leading experts in human rights law: It has become the established forum for the consideration of legislation and case law from a human rights perspective.
Key features:
Keynote address by Lady Justice Arden, Court of Appeal
Review of the year by Nathalie Lieven QC
Plenary session on the first ten years of the Human Rights Act, led by Jack Straw, Secretary of State for Justice
Specialist interactive workshops – led by acknowledged experts
Criminal law, with Alex Bailinand Duncan Penny
The Equality and Human Rights Commission, with Professor Francesca Klugand John Wadham
Immigration and asylum, with Raza Husainand Laura Dubinsky
Human rights and the EU, with Jemima Stratford and Gerry Facenna
Judicial review, with Monica Carss-Frisk QCand Richard Gordon QC
The Counter-terrorism Act 2008, with Ali Bajwaand Professor Clive Walker
Deaths in custody, with Paul Bowen and Alison Macdonald
The right to privacy in an electronic age, with Timothy Pitt-Payne
What delegates said about the 2007 Human Rights Law Conference
‘Excellent as always – thank you for a very useful and informative day’
‘High quality speakers’
‘The sessions by Alex Bailin and Alison Macdonald were superb and did exactly what I wanted from the day’
“An excellent opportunity to engage with others in my field”
‘Very useful to see the interfaces of practical and academic issues’
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For further enquiries about this conference: telephone: 020 7393 7859 or email:
The Human Rights Law Conference 2007 was held on Tuesday 30 October 2007.
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Professor Jeff Halper

23 January 2008

The people of Palestine have done it again, taking their own fate in their hands after being let down by their own “moderate” political leadership and, indeed, the entire international community in their struggle for freedom. Early this morning they simply blew up the wall separating Gaza from Egypt, breaking a siege imposed on them by an Arab government in collaboration with Israel.

We, the peoples of the world, should take great pride and encouragement in this quintessentially civil society refusal to accept subjugation, to abandon their fate to governments, including their own, for whom the lives of ordinary people are simply grist for their political charades – Annapolis and its subsequent “peace process” being but the last cynical expression. For the Palestinians represent far more than just themselves. Their refusal to submit to the dictates of governments, or to governments’ lack of interest in the well-being of people in general, reflects the desire of billions of oppressed people for identity, freedom, a decent life and actualization of their collective and individual rights and potentials. Most of the oppressed, the “wretched of the earth” as Franz Fanon called them a half-century ago, are too preoccupied with the daunting daily struggle for survival to organize and resist. Others do resist in a myriad of ways, but are most often repressed by their own political and economic “leaders,” disappearing anonymously from view. In a few cases they have managed to mount effective resistance to oppression, even to prevail – though the billions spent on “counterinsurgency” warfare by the US, Europe, Russia, Israel and many “developing” nations augur ill for peoples attempting to overthrow oppressive regimes.

In this the Palestinians stand at the forefront, in the front lines of peoples’ insistence everywhere that their rights, well-being and fundamental values as human beings be respected by governments. And they do so (and I write this as an Israeli with great sorrow and shame) against one of the world’s strongest and most ruthless military powers – a power that has dispossessed them from 85% of their land, which is trying to transform its occupation into a permanent regime of apartheid, which has spent decades impoverishing and disenfranchising them; the fourth largest nuclear power which nevertheless casts itself as the victim. Not only have the Palestinians experienced the dehumanization all oppressed and colonized peoples experience, not only have they been made into the embodiment of the rich and powerful’s greatest fear, evil “terrorists” who may tear down their privileged “civilization,” but they have been turned into guinea pigs. Israel is able to gain an edge in the counterinsurgency industry and win entree into the heart of the American military/hi tech complex by turning the Occupied Territories into a laboratory for the development of fiendish weaponry and tactics intended for use against people.

And yet the Palestinian people – and in particular those who remain sumud, steadfast, in Palestine – continue not only to resist but to surprise and confound its would-be Israeli master at every turn. Despite unlimited control, a complete monopoly over the use of force, utter callousness and a vaunted Shin Beit, Israel’s military intelligence, Palestinians vote as they want, resist, carry on their daily lives with dignity – and blow huge holes in the walls and policies constructed in order to imprison and defeat them.

All this is not on the minds of those desperate people who surged into Egypt today. They may not have the “Big Picture.” Yet they deserve the respect and gratefulness of every person who cherishes a better world based on human rights and dignity, a world that is inclusive. As an Israeli Jew, I have been saddened and mortified that my own people, after all they have experienced, cannot see what they are doing to others. But on a larger scale, not as an Israeli Jew but as a human being, I take heart in the Palestinians’ active refusal to be ground under a global system that is producing unimaginable wealth and power for a few at the expense of the growing ranks of the wretched.

I am not a Palestinian; I am not one of the oppressed. I only hope I can use my privilege in an effective way in order to redeem the gift the people of Gaza have given all of us: the realization that the people do have power and can prevail even in the face of overwhelming power. We may each express our responsibility towards the people of Gaza in whatever way most suits us, but as the privileged we must do something. We owe the Palestinians and the Palestinians writ large at least that.

(Jeff Halper is the Coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) .
Israel Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)PO Box 2030 Jerusalem, Israel 21090

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Attacking Law and Lawyers

Judges and Lawyers: Defenders of Democratic Values
The Crisis in Pakistan is Our Crisis
Date: 22 November 2007
Time: 6.00pmVenue: Law Society
Speakers include:Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC
Other speakers tbc
The declaration of a state of emergency in Pakistan and the arrest anddetention of judges and lawyers is a violation of human rights and an assaulton the rule of law. What is currently taking place in Pakistan is of vitalconcern to lawyers all over the world. The consequence of this direct attackon judges and lawyers, as defenders against arbitrary government, is anattack on democracy and democratic values. With this violence against juristshas come the denial of basic guarantees of fair trial rights, protection fromunlawful detention and the absolute prohibition on torture. This attack onlaw and lawyers is the prelude to capricious government of doubtfullegitimacy, which undermines the security of us all.
This event organised by the Human Rights Lawyers Association and the LawSociety will analyse and explain the recent events in Pakistan from the perspective of human rights law. It will show how human rights are beingviolated and what must be done to remedy those violations. It will identifyhow events in Pakistan will not progress in the absence of a human rightsframework to restore the rule of law and democracy.There will be plenty of opportunity for questions, discussion and debate
The event is free. To register, please email
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Domonique Delgado
HRLA Administrator
The General Council of the Bar
289-293 High Holborn
London WC1V 2HZ
Tel: 020 7242 1289

Human Rights Lawyers Association

Each year the HRLA will provide one or more bursaries to a total value of £3,000 to one or more law students, the money is to be used to enable the student to undertake work related to human rights law in the UK that they would otherwise not be able afford to do. For information on the scheme please go to:

Please note the application deadline has been extended to 1 May 2007.