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I am sad to say that we have had no reply to this letter. We should be building bridges not walls

Ian xx

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From: Ian grigg-spall <>
Date: 13 February 2016 at 12:03

Dear Jeremy,

We met a long time ago through the National Critical Lawyers Group-do you remember??

I have been very concerned that so many activists who wanted to join the Labour Party and Momentum were refused entry.
It seemed such a waste of their energy and experience.

Approximately 10 days ago I set up on facebook an organisation to bring them together.
It is called Movement 2016 and its manifesto is on fb

And we are having a Conference in London on Saturday 19th March-see below

There is some anger among the excluded against the Party and Momentum which I would like to do something about
I have invited Jon to come but have heard nothing as yet.

i think it would be very useful if he came and explained why they were excluded

Here is the Conference draft programme

To try and satisfy everyone i have organised the conference in three separate sessions Conference Opening Chair Ian Grigg-Spall
speaker guy brewer (pcs) The tasks of the Conference
and michael roberts the coming slump tbc

a NCLG 2.10 to 4-30pm
speakers confirmed
courtenay griffiths qc
imran khan solicitor
lucy scott moncrieff-former president of law society tbc
prof joanne conaghan hod bristol
prof paddy ireland dean bristol
phil shiner
martyn day
kat craig reprieve tbc
michael mansfield chair and to wind up discussion tbc


M16 4-45 to 7.30
ian grigg-spall chair
michael roberts author of blog the extra recession-city economist/marxist
james heartfield-lenin and 3 conditions for revolution
dennis hayes freedom of speech/academic freedom
WSWS speaker
mick hume author of trigger warnings
plus speakers from floor
jon lansman has been invited tbc


save the syrian orphan children appeal 7.30 pm
party in bar 7.45 pm until late

there will be a creche run by professionals

I do hope that you are well and thriving in spite of all the pressure
I think that you are doing MAGNIFICENTLY!


Professor Grigg-Spall