2016 Video Conference: ‘Truth and Justice’

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the 1st May 2016 Conference as our speakers were finding it difficult to make that date in Whitstable.

Instead we have been video recording their talks and will post these to our new YouTube channel over the next ten days.

We will be organising discussions about each of the talks on facebook and will add these details to the listings once members have had a chance to listen.

  • Chair Ian Grigg-Spall:  Opening Remarks
  • Michael Mansfield QC:  President’s Address
  • Keynote Speech 1  Michael Roberts: ‘The Coming Global Slump’
  • Keynote Speech 2  Patrick Cockburn: ‘The Rise of Islamic State’
  • Practitioner Chair Courtenay Griffiths QC: ‘ Challenges to International Criminal Law and the rule of law’ tbp
  • Khawar Qureshi QC: ”Challenges to civil justice and the rule of law” tbp
  • Imran Khan, solicitor: ‘Challenges to criminal law and the rule of law’ tbp
  • John Hendy, QC: ‘Oppose TU bill – repeal the Thatcher anti union legislation’
  • Leigh Day: ‘The work of radical lawyers’
  • Richard De Friend: ‘Do law clinics radicalise students?’
  • Kat Craig: ‘Reprieve opposes injustice across the world’
  • Lindsey German: ‘Stop the War and the war in the Middle East’

There will be more videos posted as they become available