NCLG Conference 2004

Justice in the 21st century?

Honorary President: Michael Mansfield QC

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th February 2004

The National Critical Lawyers Group started at the Kent Law School and aims to extend the critical teaching which is an integral part of legal studies at the University of Kent .

The Group is now the umbrella organisation for a number of critical lawyers’ groups that have grown up in universities in England and Scotland .

The 2004 Conference has been one of the biggest gatherings of radical lawyers – solicitors, barristers, academics, students – seen in this country for many years.

We had the pleasure of having stimulating discussions that enthused a new generation of lawyers and will help them to apply their learning and their practice for the benefit of society as a whole.


Plenary and workshop sessions on:

.  international law after 9/11

.  national security, anti-terrorism and the attack on civil liberties

.  immigration and asylum law

.  the Hutton enquiry

.  fertility and embryology legislation

.  biotechnology regulation

.  prison conditions

.  workers’ rights

.  the future for Africa

.  environmental justice

.  criminal justice

.  hate crime

.  homelessness

.  the compensation culture

.  law clinics and legal services

.  patent law

.  equality law

.  and more


Saturday 7th February 2004

9.00  onwards

Registration, Keynes Foyer

Tea and coffee will be available in the foyer


Opening Plenary: 11.00am to 12.45pm



Welcome: John Wightman, Head of Department, Kent Law School , and David Melville, Vice Chancellor, University of Kent

Helena Kennedy QC: Justice in the 21 st Century?

Prof. Peter Fitzpatrick (Birkbeck): Justice in the Age of the American Empire

Imran Khan: Race, Asylum and Immigration

Prof. Joanne Conaghan ( Kent ): Justice for Women

Prof Roger Smith (Director, Justice): Justice in the 21 st Century?


12.45 – 1.45pm Lunch

(available in Eliot College Dining Hall, Rutherford College Dining Hall, or in Origins, Darwin College )


Session 1: 1.45pm – 3.15pm


1 Workshop discussion with plenary speakers:


Prof. Peter Fitzpatrick

Imran Khan

Prof. Joanne Conaghan

Helena Kennedy QC

Prof Roger Smith


2 Environmental Justice


Chair: Michelle Wheeler

Phil Michaels (Lawyer, Friends of the Earth): ‘”Ghost Ships” and Environmental Injustice’

Dr David Wolfe (Barrister, Matrix Chambers): ‘Environmental Justice: A View from the Bar’

Paul Stookes (Chief Executive, Environmental Law Foundation): ‘Environmental justice: civil law aspects’

Discussant: Donald McGillivray ( Kent )


3 Law and Reproductive Medicine


Chair: Dr Ellie Lee (Kent)

Steve Wilkinson (Keele):

Emily Jackson (LSE):

John Gillott (Genetic Interest Group):

Discussants: Peter Mills (Human Fertility and Embryology Authority) and Dr Hazel Biggs ( Kent ).


4 Workers Justice and Globalisation: Panel 1



Chair: Hussein Ansari

Prof. Steve Anderman (Essex):

Sammy Adelman ( Warwick ):


5 Policing Hate Crime


Venue: KSR8

Chair: Simon Bailey

Prof. Les Moran (Birkbeck): ‘Homophobic Violence’

Henrietta Hill (Barrister, Doughty Street ): ‘Race and Policing’


6 Critical Criminology


Venue: KSR4

Chair: Dr Keith Hayward ( Kent )

Prof. Paddy Hillyard ( Ulster ): ‘Beyond Crime and Criminology: Taking Harm Seriously’

Wayne Morrison (Queen Mary): ‘Genocide: criminology’s fatal omission’


7 Criminal Justice: Panel 1


Venue: KSR17

Chair: Katie Gotterson

Lynn Hancock ( Open University ): ‘Jurors’ Confidence in the Criminal Trial’

Prof. Steve Uglow ( Kent ): ‘The Criminal Trial and the CJA 2003’


8 Asylum, Immigration and Justice: Panel 1

Venue: Keynes Quiet Senior Common Room

Chair: Felipe Alviar

Dr Bernard Ryan ( Kent ): ‘EU immigration and asylum law in Britain ‘

Frances Webber ( Institute of Race Relations): ‘Access to Justice’

Roland Bioshah


9 Justice and Homelessness


Venue: KSR8

Chair: Mathieu Fréville

James Bowen (Barrister, 6 Kings Bench Walk): ‘Law, Policy and Homelessness’

Linda Pierce (Barrister, 6 Kings Bench Walk), t.b.c.


10 Prisoners, Justice and the Law

Venue: KLT2

Chair: Simon Bailey

Tres-Anne Cooke (Hibiscus), ‘Black Foreign National Women in British Prisons’

Dr Azrini Wahidin ( Kent ): ‘Lost Offenders in Forgotten Places: Elders in Prison’

Lisa Young and Nezlin Newell (Women in Prison): ‘Young Women in Prison’

Sharon Shalev, ‘Supermax Prisons in the USA ‘


3.15 – 3.35 Tea and Coffee available in Keynes foyer


Session 2: 3.35pm – 5.00pm

1 Optional Plenary: War and the Undermining of International Law


Venue: KLT1

Chair: Keith Webb

George Joffe (Centre of International Studies, Cambridge ): ‘Reluctant Imperialism: Human Rights, Regime Change and Pre-emptive Intervention’

Wade Mansell ( Kent ): ‘Bush/Blair and the Undermining of International Law’

John Strawson ( University of East London ): ‘International Law as Ideology’

Dr Yutaka Arai ( Kent ): ‘Conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq ‘ (tbc)


2 Optional Plenary: Iraq – the National Consequences: Civil Liberties and the impact of the Hutton Report


Venue: KLT5

Chair: Lisa Sigalet

Geoffrey Bindman (Bindmans, Solicitors): ‘The Hutton Committee Report’

Charles Garraway (Visiting Prof., King’s College London): ‘Justice in Iraq ‘

Louise Christian (Christian Khan, Solicitors): ‘Representing the Guantanamo Prisoners’

Daniel Moeckli ( Nottingham ): ‘Terror and the War on Civil Liberties’

Discussant: Manjit Gill QC (6 Kings Bench Walk)


3 Should the Human Fertility and Embryology Act be Reformed? ‘Saviour siblings’ and abortion for foetal abnormality


Venue: KLT4

Chair: Dr Ellie Lee ( Kent )

Ann Furedi (British Pregnancy Advisory Service)

Barbara Hewson (Barrister, Hardwicke Civil):

Sally Sheldon (Keele):

Discussants: Juliet Tizzard (Progress Educational Trust), Prof. Marie Fox (Manchester/Keele)


4 Criminal Justice in the 21st Century: Panel 2

Venue: KLT2

Chair: Mathieu Fréville

Michael Topolski QC ( Tooks Court ): ‘Justice and the Death Penalty’

Dr Claire Valier (Birkbeck): ‘Justice and the changing normative bases of punishment’

Michael Osofsky (Stanford and Queens, Belfast ): ‘The Death Penalty in Action’


5 Criminal Justice in the 21st Century: Panel 3


Venue: KLT3

Chair: Katie Engel

Ed Rees QC ( Doughty Street ): ‘Justice and the use of civil procedures in criminal cases’

Dr Anna Carline (Liverpool John Moores): ‘Women who kill’

Jay Hart ( Kent ): ‘The Sexual Offences Act’


6 Patents, Drugs and Death in the 21 st Century


Venue: Keynes Quiet Senior Common Room

Chair: Simon Bailey

Alan Story ( Kent ): ‘The case for abolishing patents on anti-HIV/AIDS drugs’

Dr Paul Street ( Nottingham ): ‘Pharmaceutical Products or Essential Drugs: The WTO and the Two-Thirds World’

Adam Mannan ( Kent ): ‘Patents and innovation in the 21st Century?’


7 Asylum, Immigration and Justice, Panel 2: s55 Asylum Support Cases


Venue: KSR6

Chair: tbc

Adrian Berry (Barrister, 6 Kings Bench Walk): ‘The Ramifications of s.55’

Pete Wilkinson (Barrister, 6 Kings Bench Walk): ‘Pre-litigation and s.55’

Lance Charlton (Barrister, 6 Kings Bench Walk): ‘Article 3 ECHR and Immigration’

Tony Fuller (Migrant Helpline)


8 The Compensation Culture – Negligence in a Litigious Age


Venue: KSR16

Chair: Luke Manzarpour

A debate between:

Jon Holbrook (Barrister, 2 Garden Court (Barrister, Hardwicke Building and Spiked-Online)


Niamh O’Brady (Senior Partner, Pattinson and Brewer, Solicitors)


9 Justice and the European Community


Venue: KSR4

Chair: Felipe Alviar

Dr Anneli Albi ( Kent ): ‘Enlargement and the EU’s Constitutional Debate’

Dr Harm Schepel ( Kent ): ”Beyond Power/Knowledge: Law, Science and the Social

Construction of Expertise in Transnational Contexts’

Joanne Scott ( Cambridge ): ‘Assessing Risk in the WTO and the European Community: Law Science and Globalising Markets’


10 Workers Justice and Globalisation: Panel 2


Venue: KSR17

Chair: Hussein Ansari

Daniel Blackburn (International Centre for Trade Union Rights): ‘Globalisation and Labour Rights’

Dr Claire Kilpatrick ( Cambridge ): ‘Justice, Workers and Globalisation’

Nick Toms (Barrister, Doughty Street ): ‘Labour relations and globalisation’


5.00-5.30pm Tea and Coffee Available in Keynes Foyer

Second Plenary: 5.30pm – 7.30pm


Venue: KLT1


Chair: Keith Webb

Tony Bunyan (Statewatch): ‘The War on Civil Liberties’

David Ransom (The New Internationalist): ‘ In justice and Globalisation’

Prof. Peter Muchlinski ( Kent ): ‘Law, Justice and Globalisation’

Prof. Bill Bowring ( London Metropolitan University ): ‘International Human Rights in the 21 st Century’

Krishnadas Sukumaran (Visiting Fellow, Keele): ‘Legal Activism in India ‘


7.30 Dinner Available on Campus in Rutherford College Dining Hall or in ‘Origins’, Darwin College , or at restaurants in Canterbury

8.30 The Film ‘ After Jenin’ will be shown in Eliot Lecture 2


8.00 til late ‘Not the Blair Babes Party’ in Mungos in Eliot College , with music by Bethan Freize and Satellite Sounds


Sunday 8th February 2004


8.00 onwards: Breakfast available in Eliot Dining Hall.

9.00 onwards: Registration, Keynes Foyer (for those just attending on Sunday)



Session 1: 10 am – 11.25 am

1 Optional Plenary: Regulating Biotech


Venue: KLT3

Chair: Michelle Wheeler

Tony Gilland (Science and Society Director, Institute of Ideas ):


2 Justice in the Age of the New Imperialism


Venue: KLT1

Chair: Luke Manzapour

Dr Adam Gearey and others (Birkbeck)

Phil Shiner (Public Interest Lawyers): ‘International Law and the Occupied Territories’

Discussant: Professor Peter Fitzpatrick (Birkbeck)


3 Justice for Africa in the 21st Century? Panel 1


Venue: KLT5

Chair: Hussein Ansari

Eki Omorogbe ( Kent ): ‘Armed Conflicts: African Solutions for African Problems?’

Michael Schmitt (Kissinger Watch and Kent) and Emmanuel Mounier ( Kent ): ‘The Poor Countries Odious Debts and International Law’

Wayne Morrison (Queen Mary): ‘ Africa and the forgetful vision of western power: the case of The Congo’


4 University Law Clinics: What Are They For?


Venue: KLT2

Chair: Jenny Ellis

John Fitzpatrick (Director, Kent Law Clinic):

Mike Potts ( Chair , Kent Law Clinic):

Jeremy Taylor ( University of Northumbria )


5 Ethnic Minorities and the Law


Venue: KLT4

Chair: Sharen Lau

Dr Prakash Shah (Queen Mary): ‘Criminal (in)justice in a plural society: South Asians and the English law on homicide’

Ihsan Yilmaz: (SOAS): ‘Turks in London and the Construction of hybrid Turkish-Muslim Law’

Sonya Fernandez ( Kent ): ‘English Law’s Conception of Cultural Identity’


6 Equality and the Law: Panel 1


Venue: KSR4

Chair: Donna Marsh

Dr Matthew Weait (Open University): ‘Church, State and Sexuality in Britain today’

Leo Raznovich ( University College , Oxford ): ‘Gay and Lesbian marriage: the implication of the marriage act in Holland and the international private law principles’


11.25 – 11.45 Tea and Coffee Available in Keynes Foyer

Session 2: 11.45 – 1.10pm


1 Optional Plenary: Legal Education for the 21st Century

Venue: KLT1

Chair: Jenny Ellis

Professor Fiona Cownie ( Hull ): ‘Exploring a Discipline: the Culture of Law and the Professional Identities of Academic Lawyers’

Professor Tony Bradney ( Leicester ): ‘Ethics and Legal Education’

Richard De Friend (Director, College of Law ): ‘Is Legal Education too important to leave to law teachers?’

Prof. Roger Burridge (Warwick; UK Centre for Legal Education): ‘Teaching against tyranny’


2 Mental Health and Justice


Venue: KLT3

Chair: Peter Jones

Phil Fennell ( Cardiff ): ‘Stigmatising Illness: Mental Health, Human Rights and Law Reform’



3 Criminal Justice: Panel 3


Venue: KLT2

Chair: Kerrie-Lee Bearman

Helen Curtis (Barrister, 2 Garden Court ): ‘Justice: the implications of the Eurowarrant’

Kieron Vaughan (Barrister, 2 Garden Court ): ‘Justice: the implications of the Eurowarrant’


4 Equality and the Law: Panel 2


Venue: KLT5

Chair: Hussein Ansari

Marguerite Russell (Barrister, 2 Garden Court ): ‘Why is the UK so backward?’

Dr Rosemary Auchmuty ( Westminster ): ‘Same Sex Marriage’


5 Justice for Africa in the 21st Century? Panel 2


Venue: KLT4

Chair: Talitha Purcell-Gilpan

Ubong Effeh ( Kent ): ‘Sub-Saharan Africa : A Casualty of Global Injustice?’

Gbenga Oduntan ( Canterbury Christ Church University College ): ‘ Mind The Gap: Africa and the Generational Problems of International Litigation in the International Court of Justice and Permanent Court of Arbitration’

Rob Hume ( Anglia Polytechnic University ): ‘Land Titling and Peri-urban poverty in Botswana and Zambia ‘


6 The Future of Legal Services


Venue: KSR6

Chair: Katherine Stone

Alison Graham (Legal Action Group): ‘The Way Forward?’

Law Centres Federation Speaker: ‘ Legal aid: does it work for social progress?’


1.10 – 2.00pm Lunch (available in Eliot Dining Hall or Origins, Darwin College )

FINAL PLENARY: 2.00pm – 3.30pm


Venue: KLT1

Chair: Ian Grigg-Spall ( Kent )

Mike Mansfield QC ( Tooks Court , and Honorary President, NCLG)

Prof Bob Fine ( Warwick )

Diane Langford (Palestine Solidarity Campaign): ‘The wall in the heart of Palestine – fighting oppression’

Prof Abdul Paliwala ( Warwick ): ‘The Global Digital Divide’

Paddy Ireland ( Kent ): ‘Where is capitalism taking us?’

Phil Shiner (Public Interest Lawyers)

Courtenay Griffiths QC (NCLG Practitioner Chair): ‘Towards a National Critical Organisation?’


Post conference: drinks in Keynes Bar.

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