legal defense monitoring group

Green and Black Cross Legal Support


The Activists’ Legal Project provides information about the law to people who are thinking of taking direct action, or who have taken direct action.

Fairford coach action – those detained on the way to Fairford Airforce base who have issued a judicial review of the detention.

Human Rights & Civil Liberties

Liberty, the civil liberties organisation’s website.

Liberty’s human rights website.

Statewatch monitors the state and civil liberties in the UK and Europe.

The Public Law Project undertakes specialist research, training and information, advice and representation in public law to access justice for poor and disadvantaged people.

Amnesty International UK

Coalition Against the Terrorism Acts: Information and campaigning against the Terrorism Act 2000 and the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001.

Defy-ID is an adhoc network of groups and individuals prepared for active resistance to increasing surveillance and the introduction of identity or ‘entitlement’ cards in the UK.

Everything you never wanted to know about the UK ID card.

Privacy International is a human rights group, a watchdog on surveillance and privacy invasions by governments and corporations.

Animal Rights

Legal resource centre for UK political activists with an animal rights slant.


Legal resource centre for UK political activists with an Anti-nuclear slant.


Basic Law for Road Protestors, second edition by Peter Gray.

Environmental Law Foundation: A national charity that secures environmental justice for communities and individuals through a network of legal and technical experts.

Prisons, Prisoners Support & Miscarriages of Justice

Anarchist Black Cross Support group for anarchists, black liberation activists, anti-fascists and others we feel an affinity with who have ended up in prison.

Earth Liberation Prisoners Supports people who have been arrested and imprisoned for acts of direct action in defence of animals and the earth.

Vegan Prisoners Support Group assists vegan animal rights prisoners either held in police custody or within the prison system.

Innocent are committed to fighting miscarriages of justice in general and campaigning on behalf of specific cases.

Miscarriages of Justice UK Founded by Paddy Hill, one of the Birmingham 6, they fight for people who are wrongly imprisoned.

The Campaign Against Prison Slavery exists to challenge and bring about an end to forced prison labour, and to expose the companies that exploit it.

The national federation of services supporting families of prisoners

Official Prison Service Website

Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC). The official body responsible for investigating suspected miscarriages of criminal justice in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Official Home Office police website – links to individual forces and general information.

Deaths in Custody or by Police

INQUEST: Advice, campaigning and information for bereaved people facing Coroner’s Inquests, especially those involving deaths in custody (Police, prison, detained patients).

Roger Sylvester Justice Campaign Campaigns to establish how Roger, a fit and healthy 30 year old man came to a horrific and premature death after being detained by the police.

A film about the struggle for justice by the families of people that have died in police custody.

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns: Bringing Together Families and Individuals Fighting Deportation


Release: Drugs and the law and human rights.

Advice on the drug laws.


The Advisory Service for Squatters.

Friends, Families & Travellers: Advice for all travellers.

Shelter Housing Advice.


Index on Censorship: website events on free expression and censorship around the world.

Internet rights and wrongs.


A general description of how the UK legal system works from an academic institution.

Another guide to how the UK legal system works from Law Librarian in an academic institution.

Yet another introduction to the English legal system from a barrister, also available in Spanish

An official advice site with mainstream but useful advice.

UK Acts of Parliament 1988 onwards.

UK Secondary legislation (Statutory Instruments) from 1987 onwards

Official website of the courts – useful general information.

Official website of the criminal courts – useful general information.

The Government’s portal with links to all Government sites.

The Legal Services Commission – the replacement for the Legal Aid Board, for funding cases.

Law Society: firms of solicitors.

List of Solicitors in England and Wales.

Bar Council: Barristers.

List of Barristers in England and Wales.

Law Centres Federation – free legal advice.

The National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux – free advice.

A useful portal to many legal websites.

Ombudsmen services available to individuals who believes that they have received an injustice from a public body.


Scottish Law Society – includes a guide to Scots law.

A charity providing fee advice on Scottish law.