The Labour Party has excluded many people from joining as has Momentum.
Just as the refugees have been excluded by ”fortress Europe”.
We need a new organisation for those excluded and those who believe that John and Jeremy will be forced to retreat on their anti 1% policies even if they win the 2020 election.
The coming major slump (see Michael Roberts Blog-Michael is a City of London economist and a Marxist a very rare person and his writing is absolutely superb) will force 1000s and 100,000s redundancies as happened in the steel industry and oil industries already.

Racism, sexism and fascism will grow rapidly and multiply (see France, Germany, Denmark and Sweden for example) and we must be ready to fight them everywhere……/charles-mingus-first-they-came
We need to be organised and we need a new internationalist organisation



Our economic system (capitalism) is like a pack of wolves (1% of life on earth) so long as they have everything they want (their profit as they call it) which includes luxury goods, mansions yachts, you name it, they are very happy.
They are even happy to share with us (the 99% of life on earth) some of the basic products which we produce

This economic system has worked well for many of us in the developed world over the past 55 odd years.

So many of us in developed countries have had adequate food, shelter or even what were originally luxury items like holidays abroad, cars, houses, TVs, mobiles, computers, etc.  But not in the rest of the world – oh no! It is quite different there – living on a $1 a day, starving, lacking clean water, dying of curable diseases etc.

But now and then the wolves’ rate of profit diminishes -for example in the 1930s and, of course, from the crash in 2008 to the long depression to date.
Now the wolves become savage beasts-‘red in tooth and claw’, they starve us to maintain their luxury life styles they take some of our food,jobs, wages, pensions, health services and our houses etc.
They go to war for the same reason-for what we call imperialism-creating millions of refugees in the process and causing millions of civilian deaths-children, women and men-as they did in Afghanistan and Iraq and are now doing in Iraq(again), Syria and Libya fighting a monster they themselves created.

In other words capitalism has become anti-progressive ,viciously reactionary and evil for all the rest of us.

What is to be done?
I am afraid that we must cage the wolves and control them and, perhaps, eventually put them to sleep.

We must be our own wolves and stop relying upon them and that is what Movement 2016 is all about-becoming progressive wolves ourselves and caging those old vicious and reactionary wolves.

Can we do it?
We think that we can if we organise together, decide together and act together before the old wolves do even more damage to us.

In the movement all persons will be treated equally-women and men, gays and straights, young and old, white, brown, yellow and black, workers and those without paid work at all.

  • In work all will be equal and all productive assets will be owned by all of us.
  • Everyone will receive a generous basic income.
  • If anyone treats another person badly or unequally they will be asked to leave Movement.
  • Movement 2016 will cut the UK’s links with the European Union, but will be willing to continue trading with the EU (a vicious wolves’ club) and, of course, the rest of the world on equal terms.
  • Elections to parliament will be for 2 years only and all our MPs will be recallable at any time by democratic vote.
  • The judges in the courts will be appointed by us.
  • Everyone will have a computer and Internet link and all major issues of policy will be put to discussion and democratic public vote on the internet subject to the individual rights and protections set out in a democratically adopted UK constitution.
  • This constitution will protect individual rights and protections including a duty to treat everyone equally.

Movement 2016 constitution would also have sections requiring all economic and social activity to take place within the parameters to be established by the Movement’s panel of environmental scientists.(these parameters would first be discussed and voted upon by all members).

The constitution would enshrine a duty to help other people who live in poverty, but not by giving their governments the money for them to waste or steal but by creating a better infrastructure, establishing new communal production and new public services to generate good jobs.

We would go ourselves to advise and work on all these activities and would expect immigration to rapidly fall as life in their own country, developing countries, becomes better and better.
Anyone who wishes to return to their own family and community will be assisted by us to do so.
The constitution would prohibit interference in other people’s affairs by force whether economic,political or by armed intervention.

The UK army would be disbanded and the personnel offered new work in their communities.
The police would be encouraged to integrate into their communities and to hold themselves fully accountable to those communities.
Individuals who break our laws would be expected to repay the community by productive work in that community or if necessary if they are violent in our new and improved, but very serious rehabilitation prisons.

Do join our movement 2016

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